Beyond the Call of Duty
My dear friends. Not often do we find someone in the business world that will do what they say and go beyond the call of duty. I can say proudly that Suzanne Dranow is that person. You can be assured that she will find you the right buyer or property and follow through on every level. My family and I highly recommend Suzanne for all of your real estate needs.
Calm and Collected
Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, attentiveness, and amazing communication during the 21623 Rambla Vista sale. I truly enjoyed working with you - you were very available and made all of the bumps during Escrow smoother because of how calm, collected, and communicative you were. It was amazing having our wonderful lunch celebration today and I can't wait to do another deal with you. Thank you very much for being the amazing agent that you are!
Talented and Professional
Suzanne Dranow is the most talented and professional real estate agent I have ever worked with. Suzanne understands the process and the intricacies involved in complex negotiations. She understands when to push and when to nurture the relationship in order to receive the desired response. To meet the goals of the seller or buyer or both. She's a masterful negotiator and frankly as a former real estate agent I can say from experience the model of professionalism and due diligence. A Pepperdine graduate, Suzanne is a smart cookie and that's who I want representing me. I use her for all of my real estate needs. She is just awesome. I recommend Suzanne Dranow without qualification.